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We are lucky enough to get lots of feedback from our customers. Here are some of the more recent emails and in a lot of cases photos of our customers new cars! We hardly ever see our customers or even the cars so its great for us to hear what we are doing for people in the real world. We are very interested in the whole process not just saving you money. These are all TOTALLY genuine emails. We delete any reference to an actual Dealer and the customers surname for privacy.

Just to confirm that we collected our car(Skoda Fabia) from *** Skoda in **** on Wednesday.  The price was £15,661.20.  


You were right in predicting that we would like the car.  The engine/gearbox manage to make 1.2 litres seem powerful enough.  We love the automatic transmission, apart from the slight hesitation when you step on it to overtake.


So:  thanks!


Hi Jonathan,
Sorry this email is so late, but I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service to date. 
We placed our order for the new Audi Q3 and it looks like it will be delivered mid to end November.
I have to say the whole process was really hassle-free and obviously saves us a lot of money!  I'd highly recommend your services to anyone.
Best regards,


At last we have it but it has been three long months since we ordered the car. Thanks for your help with this and we are recommending your services to anyone who is contemplating buying a new car. This is Betty at the wheel. Regards

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Hi Jonathan,

Attached a few pics of the car.
Once again, a seamless purchase of a new vehicle from Carfile. The dealer's service and communication in the form of **** **** was just exemplary, the preparation and presentation of the car was top notch too. This is the fourth vehicle we have purchased via your good service and each time we have found everything just so easy. The savings that we feel we have made are really significant and the final price even lower than a used model of the same spec. some two years old (in this neck of the woods anyway). Needless to say we are delighted with the Skoda Yeti and with **** Skoda's service.
Please accept our thanks again for brokering the deal and for your own input into choices and for your attentive communications throughout. All deeply appreciated.

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Thought I should let you know I now have my car(Land Rover Discovery) and I am very happy with it. (Photo attached)



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