What Customers think of us!

We are lucky enough to get lots of feedback from our customers. Here are some of the more recent emails and in a lot of cases photos of our customers new cars! We hardly ever see our customers or even the cars so its great for us to hear what we are doing for people in the real world. We are very interested in the whole process not just saving you money. These are all TOTALLY genuine emails. We delete any reference to an actual Dealer and the customers surname for privacy.

Richard F(London)
17th May 2022

Hi Jonathan The Mercedes was delivered yesterday. Thanks again for all your help. Regards to your Dad.

Ian P(Bristol)
03rd May 2022

Hi Jonathan, Just over 5 months after ordering and one safety recall scare later I finally took delivery of my new Ford Kuga PHEV today. So far I'm very pleased with it. Photo attached as requested. Thank you for your help in getting me an excellent deal, list price at time of ordering £39,330, I paid £34,440. Regards,

Johnny D(Kilmarnock)
26th Apr 2022

Hi Jonathan, I took delivery of the new Audi A4 from **** Audi on Tuesday. Love it, thanks again much appreciated.

Harriet S(West Midlands)
25th Apr 2022

Hi Jonathan, We picked up the Audi on Saturday and I absolutely love it!! I’ve attached a photo for you 🙂 Thank you for your help throughout the process it was much appreciated.

Gerry H(Bolton)
19th Apr 2022

Hi Jonathan Just to let you know that I collected my new Audi at the end of last month and it is great! It was a long time coming due to the supply chain issues but worth the wait. **** has been great, keeping me up to date along the way and the team at **** Audi were very welcoming when I went down to collect. I took your advice and took out the finance to receive the deposit contribution. All in all I have I saved close to £9k off list price – amazing. Thanks for all your help and advice and I will be back in touch next time Best regards

Julie and Paul S(Leeds)
12th Apr 2022

A meeting 17 years in the making!! Its unusual for us to meet our customers as we cover all of the UK with Dealerships handling the paperwork and logistics. Last weekend was slightly different! We finally met a couple that have bought perhaps 10 cars through Carfile over the years, probably more. The lady of the house remembered 6 that she had had and her husband at least 4.(He has a New VW Tiguan on order at the moment!) Her last car, a Golf GT Edition 2.0 Tdi in Pacific Blue Metallic that had only covered 22500 miles seemed just the job for a Carfile staff member so that was that!! We got to see the New Audi Q2 S-Line that had just arrived which looked even better in the flesh, their next door neighbours, that had very recently had a New Passat Delivered via Carfile(and as you know one of our favourite cars!) and finally the Blue Golf. Paid for unseen of course. If we cant trust a family like this, then who can we trust! Its all about enjoyable business with a positive result for all parties

Arif H(Surrey)
11th Apr 2022

Thanks as always Jonathan. Picked up my second car through Carfile, great service as always, will be back to purchase my wife’s car soon.

Nic F (Essex)
09th Apr 2022

Jonathan, thanks very much for arranging my dream car. The dealer you put me in contact with helped me every step of the way. Super service as ever, I’ll be returning soon, this time for the wife.

Raymond M(Aberdeenshire)
04th Apr 2022

Recently purchased a new Skoda Fabia through carfile.net. This is the second time I have used this company and have found the whole process easy and straightforward. Buying through carfile has also enabled me to make good savings on the cost of the car. Would definitely recommend this company to anyone wishing to purchase a new vehicle.

Emma and Roger(Derbyshire)
01st Apr 2022

As a couple, we wanted to make a conscious decision to move from two cars to one and think a little more about our travel needs and carbon footprint without compromising on style and comfort. Johnny at carfile.net secured a fabulous deal on a new Audi Q5. All from the comfort of home, a smooth transition of the sale of our old cars and delivery of our new one. Thanks Johnny - carfile.net is the way to go 😊

Stephen & Kirsty (East Lothian)
31st Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that only 8 weeks after making the initial enquiry with you, we collected our new car today. Ordered, built and collected in 8 weeks - how quick is that! As a first time customer, I was delighted with your friendly and professional service. The whole process was very efficient and straightforward. Prior to contacting you, I spoke directly with a number of dealers and none of them were able to come close to the price quoted on Carfile. I particularly liked the approach of having the pre-agreed discount on a new car. This is so much better than having to spend hours haggling with a dealer and really simplifies the buying experience. It’s also important to mention that the Audi dealership Sales Executive that you put me in touch with was excellent. Thanks for your tip on finance. Manufacturer finance wasn’t something we had considered before you mentioned it but I’m extremely grateful that you did as it made a great deal even better! It was a pleasure dealing with you and if I know anyone looking for a new car, I will be sure to recommend Carfile to them. As for the car? Well, I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be delighted with an Audi A5 Sportback in Navarra Blue 😉 Kind Regards

Mike S(Cornwall)
30th Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan The Kodiaq has arrived, and we are delighted with it. **** at the Dealership was absolutely fantastic throughout so thanks for the introduction. Picture of the Kodiaq attached. I was delighted to buy through Carfile again, and have always had a fantastic experience, not only linking up with a fantastic dealer, but also securing a fantastic price on my favoured car. Thanks again,

Liz W(Kent)
28th Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan My car has arrived. It's lovely, the colour is great, but it is so different to the old one. A bit more refined and it doesn't rattle and squeak when I go over bumps! Here's a pic which I took when the new one arrived. I meant to take another when the sun was shining but it got covered in the Saharan desert and I have only just managed to wash it again! Many thanks once again for your excellent service. Best wishes

Howard and Sally C.(Leeds)
28th Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your amazing service. The whole process was fantastic. The car is great, the old car was picked up 30 mins before the new car arrived. Many thanks again,

Doug T(Wetherby)
19th Mar 2022

Jonathan, Made contact with you back in December for a new Ford Fiesta for my wife, the whole process has been simple and straight forward, your recommended dealer contacted me the next day, gave me a good discount , almost £3000.00. Since then I have been kept informed of progress, estimated delivery time, then build date, estimated delivery time frame to dealership, once delivered to the garage I was then give a delivery date. Today the car has been delivered. The whole process couldn’t have been easier. (a bonus was I sold my wife’s 6 year old Fiesta for £9500.00 that we also got through you) Regards and many thanks,

David S(Bucks)
09th Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan I’ve just picked up my stunning BMW X5 – thank you for sourcing at such a competitive price. The car arrived at the beginning of March - as you said it would back in September! - and I received first-class service from the BMW Dealership. Best Wishes

Karl W(St.Albans)
08th Mar 2022

Dear Jonathan A belated follow up! Very happy with the New Hyundai Tucson. More bells and whistles than a troupe of Morris dancers. The Hyundai Dealership was excellent – I’d happily recommend them on the basis of my interaction so far. I’d strongly recommend working with **** again – he was very good, and I appreciated that I didn’t get the hard sell from him. Very pleased of course that you got me a car. I ended up spending more than planned, but just getting any new car at the moment seems hard, so I think you did me a fantastic service. When it comes to changing car next time, I’ll definitely ask for your help. Best wishes,

Matthew W(Rutland)
07th Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan, I have just taken delivery of my ID3 that you sourced and just wanted to say thank you for sorting this, it got delivered on the 1st March with the new 22 private plate I chose, and the car is amazing. Thanks again.

Keith H(London)
03rd Mar 2022

Hello Jonathan Just to let you know that I have taken delivery of the new RAV4 and handed over my lovely part-ex Tiguan, that you also supplied. Thanks for all your usual help and advice. I wanted the new car at the beginning of March and that's exactly when I got it. I have to say Jonathan, you have brokered yet another cracking deal for me and kept me calm throughout the six month lead time. I am looking forward to driving my new car and have to say that you always come up trumps as far as the purchase of the new car and the trading in of the part-ex are concerned. I'm pretty sure that this is my fifth car purchase through Carfile and, once again, none of my local dealerships were able to get anywhere near you and your Toyota Dealership on the changeover price. Warm regards and sincerest thanks

Amir Z(Sheffield)
01st Mar 2022

Hi Jonathan, picked up today - thanks for your help Kind regards