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7th July 2017

In a recent Hot Deals article, Carfile has been listed many times by the respected Parkers Buyers Guide. Notably our 41% off Infiniti Execuitve Stock offer!

1st July 2017

What Car? Magazine has decided that it is no longer including its Advertisers section in the Magazine! Thats a bit of a shock because we have advertised every month with them for 30 years! That's the bad news. The Good news is that we are still advertising in the Magazine but the advert will now feature in the middle of the magazine either in or near their editorial content. That means the advertising will reach more readers and hopefully more customer for us to help save some money! Don't forget to tell us if you have seen the advert, so we know how much of a difference it is making! The first 'New Advert' will be in the August 2017 edition due in the shops sometime in July.