Why Choose CarFile ?

Good question. With the whole Motor Trade seemingly jumping onto the Internet it can be daunting trying to choose a company that will provide a good service at a good price with no risks. A slick website doesn't show you what calibre of people are behind the scenes? With Carfile we actively suggest you call us to discuss your enquiry in more detail. I dont think id like to click 'Buy' on a website for an item that could be £15000-£100000. When you speak to us and realise that we are REAL motor trade people with years of experience and long term Dealership contacts you will know you are on the right path. You also never pay us at any stage, as we always earn our commission from our Franchise Dealers AFTER you have taken delivery of your lovely new car. Im sure there are lots of other reasons to choose Carfile. Perhaps, you can tell us after you have ordered your new car!?